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The rotary dip machine is by far the most versite machine we offer when it comes to processing many different products. UPT has focused on ease of operation, quick change over, and fast indexing to make this design the workhorse of the industry.
The rotary machine is easily equiped with features like multi dipping systems, automatic water/air cooling, automatic lube/prime systems, automatic rack transfer systems (ARTS), articulated unloading, rotary inverters and almost any other feature we offer.
Precision servo dipping and one-shot machine lubrication systems come standard with rotary machines. The enhanced HMI control is the usual choice for this machine because of the recipe handling capabilities as well as the ability to use the PC for other computer tasks. This control also allows remote acces from the factory.
The prominent feature of the rotary machine is the ability to process different parts on differnet arms. In other words, on an eight station rotary machine, it is possible to process up to eigth different products of the same color or grade material. With the multi dip feature added, this same machine can process eight different products while alteraning colors or grades of material. This is the ultimate combination for those concerned with overproduction and inventory reduction.

We invite you to our Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas facility to see a rotary machine in operation.

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