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MultiLift Manual Dip Systems

This lift can be used in manual dip coating as well as dip molding application. This includes fluidize bed coating (powder coating). Some customers use several multififts for not only dip molding and coating but also automatic mold lubrication or part primings as well as water cooling applications.
Precision hardened and ground profile rails and bals screws ensure years of production. Our standard unit is equiped with upper and lower setpoints (limit switch) with seperate up and down speed controls. A dip dwell timer is also standard. Auto or manual dipping modes can be selected to give you the dip control you need.
Our newest line of MultiLifts offer even more flexibility with an operator interface that allows profile servo dip control, recipe storage and remote factory online access. This model can even add features such as dip tank sequecing (agitation, recirculation, closable dam) and dip tank temperature control. Contact the factory for availability. This product will be release Spring of 2007 and is expected to be a hot product that will fill a void in our extensive product line of dip molding equipment.

Multilift MultiLift Control
multilift agitator