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Manual Machines

The term Manual Machines encompasses our entire modular product line of manual dip molding equipment. The term manual usually implies high labor and low tolerance operations. We strive to reverse this mind image by adding features that can aid in loading, unloading and dipping and provide close tolerance dip molding and coating.
Manual molding equipment is the choice for low volume or low budget production as well as prototyping and lab applications. A typical system would include two FlexBatch ovens, a dip tank and a MultiLift. It is possible (although not too productive) to start with a single FlexBatch oven for both preheating and curing. Since each component is modular and self contained, it is a simple matter of adding components such as additional ovens, water cooling, and work stations as needed.
Dip tanks cans can be sequenced with agitation, re circulation, and closable dams. They can also employ automatic replenishment and temperature control with these optional features. One customer uses his manual system with a mobile hydraulic lift for moving very heavy (low volume) counterweights from the preheat oven to the Multilift and then to the cure oven. Another employees a mono rail through the oven for handling large heavy parts. The possibilities are endless.

Coming Spring of 2007

Completely Revamped Multilift with Servo Precision
Manual System

  • Double Batch Oven
  • Two FlexBatch Ovens Joined


Standard 75 pound capacity MultiLift

Manual System