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Lean thinking and Dependable Automation is the key to LEAN Manufacturing

Excellent temperature control reduces defects

LEAN Tooling Rack Design can speed the loading process and maximize tool density

"To achieve results never before accomplished, we must employ methods never before attempted."- Sir Francis Bacon

United Plastics Machines Reduce Waste

Defects A high degree of temperature control along with very precise and repeatable servo systems eliminate defects due to wall thickness tolerance, over or under cured parts, and wrong length parts.
Overproduction Most models allow a mixture of products to be processed in a given production run. Single dip models are limited to all the products being run to be the same color/material where multidip systems allow not only different products to be processed, but also different colors and grades. No need to overrun product to defer setup costs
Waiting Indexing time is "dead" time. Older machines and some competitors machines require up to 15 seconds to index. Most UPT machines today index in less than 5 seconds. A 10 second per cycle increase in speed can mean significant production gain. For instance a run with 200 mandrels (tools) on each arm would gain about 4700 parts per 8 hour shift. Since oven doors are open less time a significant energy savings can also be realized with faster indexing.
Non-Utilized People Of course this waste is strictly a "people" issue but we even take a close look at our training process and ease of use when it comes to machine controls. Our hope is to create features that do not require "rocket scientist" to operate. This would allow better utilization of skilled labor.
Transportation Pneumatic or conventional conveyors are available to move the molded part from the molding area to packaging or finishing automatically and quickly.
Inventory Multidip machines are the answer to inventory issues. All rotary machines are capable of running different products, but the different products must be of the same color/grade plastisol. With the multidip feature you can program each arm of the machine to dip in any one or several of up to 5 dip stations. This eliminates the need to inventory items to take advantage of machine efficiency.
Motion Your customer does not pay you to lubricate molds, apply primer to coating jobs, replenish plastisol tanks or move molded parts from the molding area to packaging. We can automate all of these tasks and eliminate labor costs.
Extra Processing This waste usually results from trying to amortize setup cost into a production run. In other words we schedule "unsold" items to offset long setup requirements. We address this with designing with quick change over and setup in mind. Our dip tanks can be changed on-the-fly in under 5 minutes. We offer master racks to make tooling changes very quick and simple.


What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean Manufacturing is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvement techniques.

What are the benefits of Lean?

  • Reduce production cycle time up to 90%
  • Improve on time shipments up to 90%
  • Reduce lead time up to 95%
  • Improve productivity 10% to 40%
  • Improve quality 25% to 75%
  • Improve space utilization up to 70%
  • Enhance teamwork
  • Strengthen supply base
What techniques are used in Lean Manufacturing?
  • Workplace Organization/5S
  • Cellular Manufacturing
  • Team Systems
  • Work Balancing/TAKT Time
  • Kanban/Pull Systems
  • Set-up Reduction/Quick Changeover
  • Kaizen Events
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Visual Manufacturing
  • Point-of-Use Storage
  • Quality at the Source