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The inline dip machine is the choice when single or few products are required. The traditional chain conveyor has been, toa great extent, replaced by the walking beam and horseshoe designs. The walking beam conveyor was designed to eliminate issues associated with chains and other mechanical components exposed to oven temperatures. The horse design combines traditional chain conveyor or walking beam conveyor ovens with multi dip features. This design can also be ran with a single operator where most inline machines require loading from one end while unloading from the opposite. The over and under machine is a compact inline machine for single product and single dip applications. Dipped parts on this machine are inherently inverted for the cure cycle. This is usually a great advantage for drip control and does not require the optional rotary inverter found on rotary machines.
The inline machine is easily equipped with features like multi dipping systems, automatic water/air cooling, automatic lube/prime systems, automatic ejection and enhanced controls.
Precision servo dipping and one-shot machine lubrication systems come standard with inline machines. The enhanced HMI control is available for this machine when factory access or other in house PC applications are required. However because the inline machine is typically specified for single or few product processing, recipe storage is usually not a concern.
The prominent feature of the inline machine is the ability to process many parts per cycle with fast cycles. Like the rotary machine, this machine can also provide processing of fluidize bed powder coatings.

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