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UPT started dip molding in 1989 and
still offers this service. As a matter of fact we still have that first dip molding customer. Many things have changed over the years and UPT has pushed dip molding technology in pursuit of a better, more economical way of dip molding and coating.
Our semi automated, fully automated and manual dip molding lines can meet your needs with most any dip molding and dip coating requirements.
Our experience with dip molding, dip coating, and dipping equipment deem us well qualified to consult with startup companies or established dip molding businesses.

Dip Molding
The dipping process has converted many products previously formed by injection and blow molding processes. With constant upgrades to equipment and improved technology and process control, dip molding is sometimes the best process choice

Dip Coating
Dip coated products are processed with a similar technique as dip molding. The obvious difference is that the coating remains with the parts where a dip molding is stripped from the mandrel. Some coating applications warrant a pre-coating application of primer to improve the plastic to metal bond.



Fluid Bed (powder) Coating
Fluidizing is a powder/dip process using a special dip tank to suspend powder resin particles. Typically the process is reserved for applications where there can be no drips and where a definite dip line is not required. Materials for this process can also reach a higher durometer than plastisol dipping.



Secondary OpertaionsSecondary Operations
From a Lean manufacturing prospective, we make every effort to mold in holes and edges to eliminate the need for secondary punching and stamping. When necessary, UPT can custom make dies and punches for your exact requirements. Our new turret style punch compliments our existing conventional punching equipment.


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