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About Us

Our Mission

To Continue to Set the Standard in the Custom Equipment and the Dip Molding Industry by Offering Leading Edge Technology, Exceptional Value and Integrity in Service and Quality


United Plastics Technology Inc. (UPT) began operations September 19th, 1989 in Denver Colorado. A low interest $15000 loan was obtained from a friend. Not knowing that that small amount of startup capital was usually not enough for such an endeavor, Frank Wimberley Jr. built a rotary dip molding machine for the company’s own use in producing medical moldings. After a few short months, word was out about the state-of-the-art machine that was produced and inquiries began coming in as to where a machine like that could be purchased. UPT contracted to build a machine for a Colorado Springs manufacturer in 1990. This was the beginning of the dip molding equipment department at UPT. The company ended its first year in the black. By 1992 UPT had 2 employees and had contracted another machine in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This was a gas-fired rotational molding machine for producing polyethylene kayaks. The medical dip molding business also continued as projected and that initial $15000 loan was paid off early. A move to Greeley, Colorado that same year helped the company to control overhead. Another move to Loveland Colorado gave the company better access to labor and other services while continuing to keep overhead low. The product line in both the dip molding and equipment departments increased according to demands.

On April 1st 1996, the company relocated to Heber Springs, Arkansas. The owner and two of the 6 employees relocated. This move was mainly just to get out of the rat race and get the principles of the company closer to home; Louisiana and Oklahoma. The beauty of the Heber Springs area as well as the slower pace has been a blessing.

In October of 2003 UPT purchased two buildings with over 10000 square feet of total floor space. The new location is in Tumbling Shoals, AR; only 8 miles from the previous location. The office was completely renovated and many improvements have been made to the entire site.

As of 2006, UPT has built over 35 molding machines. These machines are all across the country as well as Mexico and the UK. In 2000 the company added an industrial automation department to specialize in motion control, programmable logic controllers, human-machine interfaces, DVT vision systems, safety guarding and custom equipment design and manufacturing. From that department, the FlexEject automatic ejection system for dip molding was conceived, designed, and built.

In 2006 UPT commited to LEAN Manufacturing concepts not only for it's own operation, but also in the product line. Since then waste reduction of any and all kinds has been a major focus of our machine design department.

Company Profile - Dip Equipment Department

UPT is the Leading Supplier for Dip Molding and Dip Coating Equipment in the United States. We Not Only Supply Equipment, but also Training and Product Development Assistance With Our In House Dip Molding Facility

We Have the Expertise and Ability to Meet All Design and Construction Aspects of Most Any Custom Machine Requirements. In our Factory Location in Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas, we Provide Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Welding, Machining, Fabricating, Painting, Assembly, PLC and Operator Interface Programming, Motion Control Design and Programming, Vision System Programming, and Electrical Panel Design and Building. UPT received Underwriters Laboratory traing in 2006 and is authorized to produce UL listed electrical panels. With our many European installations, UPT has successfully meet and surpassed CE requirements with not only our electrical panels and controls, but every aspect of our machines. We put safety first.

Over Ninety Percent of our Business is a Result of Repeat Customers and Word-Of-Mouth. Our Reputation is Our Best Sales Tool

Company Profile - Dip Molding and Coating Department

UPT started as a dip molding company and still provides that service today. As a matter of fact we still supply our very first customer since 1989. While many dip molders specialize in simple caps and plugs (commodity items), we take on and specialize in the more challenging projects. In addition to many custom molding and coating applications, we have a proprietary line of medical disposable protector caps.

Currently we operate a semi automatic, single dip rotary machine with precision dipping capabilities as well as manual equipment for handling larger parts. The semi-automatic machine will handle parts up to 24" long and 16" dip length. Our manual equipment can handle larger parts up to approximately 35" wide x 55" long and 27" high.

Although we can match almost any color and finish, our standard plastisol line now consists of 14 colors or grades:

Medical Red
Medical White
Medical Blue
Medical Dark Blue
Medical Transparent Yellow
Medical Orange
Industrial Black
Industrial Matte Black
Industrial Serious Gray
Industrial Lazy Gray
Industrial Maroon
Recreational White (UV Stabilized)
Recreational Chrome Yellow (UV Stabilized)
Recreational Bronze (UV Stabilized)

For dip moldings requiring secondary punching, shearing, and stamping, we operate two automatic punch machine.

We can meet any degree of packaging requirements from bulk to individual packaging

The Team
Sales and Marketing
Frank Wimberley

Office and Shipping Manager
Carole Montgomery

Frank Wimberley

The Facility

Currently the Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas facility is the only facility. There are two buildings that segregate our equipment department and dip molding department and total almost 10000 square feet.

UPT is blessed to be located in the Ozark Mountains. Greers Ferry Lake is less that 1 mile from the plant and7 golf courses are within a 45 minute drive. Collins Creek, with it's beautiful cascading waterfall, is less than a mile away and the current world record Brown Trout was caught just below the dam a mile and a half from our facility.

If you are planning to visit check out the Heber Springs Area Chamber of Commerce site for a current schedule of events.