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Automatic, Semi-automatic and Manual Dip Molding Machines

Auxilary Dip Molding Components

Dip Molding
and Dip Coating

"Horseshoe Design " Machines

This workhorse (pardon the pun) is the typical choice of machine designs when inline molding features are needed along with multi dipping capabilities. It is easily customized with additional preheat ovens, dip stations, cure ovens, cooling or lube stations and loading and unloading stations. This design eliminates the need for more than one operator in many instances. Where dip molding is the process (versus dip coating) a crossfeed conveyor can be added to return tooling to the "upstream" side of the process.

With the enhanced control feature, this machine can save established parameters to recipes for future recall, permit secure access from the factory, and network to an existing local area and/or wide area network.

horseshoe design