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GoToMyPc.com Remote Factory Access

UPT machines buildt in 2006 or later use GoToMyPc. com for connection software. In some cases, older machines have been upgraded to use GoToMyPc.com where Internet access is available. To verify your software type, look in the task bar (usually lower left of screen) for a GoToMyPc icon. If you desire an online connection first contact the service department to discuss the issue.

If the decision is made to connect to your machine you will need to proceed with the following steps:

  • If the machine is over 1 year old and out of warranty, provide a purchase order number or written authorization on the form below. Online charges are $75/hour
  • Aassure the PC is connected to the Internet
  • Contact the service department and advise that the setup is ready and waiting for connection.
  • Complete the form below and click "I Agree"

The remote connection allows access to the HMI and PLC software. Note: If the PLC is an Allen Bradley PLC, the activation file (loaded at the factory) must be on the PC before the RS Logix software can be opened. If the activation file has been lost, it will be necessary for the customer to contact www.ab.com to reset the activation file. You must have the original master floppy disk and serial number to use the reset service.

TheGoToMyPc software provides an online chat feature. Optionally, Notepad can be used for text communication during the connection. We require someone remain near the PC in case contact is necessary and to provide immediate shutdown (emergency stop) of the machine in case of an emergency.

Connection Software


By clicking I Agree you accept responsibility for online connection charges and will provide a qualified person to be available at the HMI for assistance and to keep any motion path or safety zone clear during the online session. UPT uses the English language exclusively.

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