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FlexBatch Ovens

Modular Ovens for Manual Dipping Operations

This unique modular oven design is as versatile as it gets. The ovens can be configured in tandem or even add several ovens inline to get the length you need. Simply remove the insulated back wall and add the electrically operated optional door kit to give access from either side of the oven.
The oven temperature is controlled precisely with a PID controller operating solid state power relays. Expect a long heater life with this design. The 650 degree rated stainless steel blower provides all the heat capacity and heat transfer you will ever need for dip coating and molding. We offer high surface temperature heaters (preheat applications) and low surface temperature heaters for curing operations where infrared is a no no. The high velocity, turbulent air is the secret (shhh don't tell anyone) to fast and even heat transfer.
The electrically operated doors can operate with a manual pushbutton or automatically with the optional timer.
Need a batch oven fast. Due to the very long list of available options we seldom keep these ovens in stock. However components are on the shelf and ready to assemble for a typical 2-4 week turn around.

2 batch seperate
2_batchbatch oven back