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Twelve Station Rotary


12 Station Machine With Online Double Dip and Dual Cooling Features  

Other Design Configurations are Also Available


The model P-523110-H-HH-241510015 26-GGNRP is a 12 station, turret style, microprocessor controlled machine. The design allows similar or dissimilar products to be plastisol coated. Up to two colors or grades can be processed in one machine operation. Double dipping is easily achieved because of the post heat oven between the two dip stations. This machine can be used for coating products as well as mandrel dipping (caps, covers, insulators, grips, etc.).

The process begins with loaded racks placed on the machine by the operator. The molds are then lubricated by the automatic lube system. During the next four cycles of operation, the parts willpass through high temperature preheat ovens to elevate the substrate temperature before reachingthe first plastisol dip station. After the dip station, the arm loaded with dipped parts will beinverted to prevent drip marks and then will enter the post heat oven. A second dip station for double dipping is next in line. The station could also be used as a primary dip station for single dip applications. This would allow the post heat oven to be used as an additional preheating oven possibly lowering the overall cycle time. Then the dipped parts enter the first of three cure bays. When the parts emerge from the 2nd cure bay, they are available for cooling. This can be done by moving air on an attached conveyor line or on the arm (prior to conveying) with the optional water quench system. The last station is for reloading parts to begin a new cycle. A safety light curtain is in place at this station to shut down turret operation in case the area is not cleared prior to elapsed cycle time.

The PLC microprocessor will allow independent cure, plastisol dip dwell time, and cooling time for each arm. Total versatility at dip stations allows dipping at dip station one, dip station two or both. The preheat, post heat, and cure heating is by electric heat in combination with air turbulence to assist in even heat transfer to the molded part. A closed-loop air circulation system is standard.

Fixed lifts (as opposed to mobile lifts) are included for plastisol dipping. This design uses hardened profile rails and linear pillow block bearings to allow maximum smoothness and long life. The plastisol lifts also use the fastest and most accurate motion control system available. Servo systems on the dip lifts, with closed loop feedback, give repeatable accuracy of plus or minus .003 inch and speeds from 1 inche per minute up to 244 inches per minute. Pneumatic leveling is included at each dip station to achieve accurate leveling prior to dipping.

The turret is accurately and quickly positioned with a cam indexer and DC variable speed drive. An electronic overload protection device is included that will shut down the indexer in case obstructions jam the rotation of the turret. This protects the mechanics of the indexer and avoids other damage to the arms or tooling. An emergency reverse switch is located inside the main electrical panel to quickly reverse the turret (even in the e-stop mode).


Approximately 175" x 175"
A footprint drawing is available upon request Capacity (other capacities available)
Maximum tool size Height 24"
*Rack Size 14" x 26"
*Weight 100 pounds per arm
*Maximum Dip Length 15"
Maximum Preheat oven temperature 650 deg F


*Preheat 40.8 kw
*Postheat 13.0 kw
*Cure 39.0 kw
*Circulation blowers (8) 3 HP
*Door Operators (6) 1/2HP brake motor
*Turret Drive DC or AC variable speed cam indexer
*Fixed Lift drive Servo, constant torque from 0-4000
*Total Maximum load at startup 165 Amps
*All control voltages via step down transformers or power supplies included


Temperature Preheat, Post heat, and Cure Ovens- Solid-state relay, proportional, integral,
derivative (PID) with separate high temperature alarm and heater element monitor

Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Independent timers for cycle, plastisol dip dwell and cooling on each arm
Independent dip counter for each arm and each dip station
Dip off control for each arm for dip station one
Dip off control for each arm for dip station two

Operator Interface
Enhanced HMI

Dip Control (custom profiles available)
*Two programmable up speeds
*One dip dwell timer
*Three programmable down speeds
Un level arm alarm

Manual Controls Emergency Stop push buttons
Dip and cooling lift up and down push buttons
Safety reset pushbuttons

Included Options

Servo drive system at both dip stations
Heater element monitors
Ventilation Hood
Automatic Plastisol replenishment for both dip stations
Water Cooling Lift and aluminum tank
Mold Lube Lift and aluminum tank (can also be used for primer)

Available Options

Closed Circuit TV for dip station monitoring
Dip Tanks
Dip Tank temperature control with chiller and recirculation pump

  • 12 station
12 station